Monday, May 28, 2007

happy graduation to me

so, along with mfr, i've just graduated from college, which is why there's been such a dearth of posts lately. as an apology, i've got some bitching b-sides and unreleased tracks for you today, as well as a plan for the week. you see, i'm going on an extensive vacation on saturday (after bang on a can), and i won't be able to post regularly, and i want to get a lot in this week. i've got at least one worth spending money on planned, another forget remember when, hopefully a free music series post, and we'll see what else i can get up to.

do you remember the pipettes? their uk-only debut, we are the pipettes, earned a best new music nod from pitchfork last year, but they've pretty much fallen off the map since then. until now (cue dramatic music). they've prepped a new ep, your kisses are wasted on me, for stateside release on june 5 (via cherrytree), which has two new songs (and two from we are the pipettes). the pipettes haven't made any changes at all in their sound, still harmonizing about boys (in this case, the bad boy from school and the milkman). of the two new tracks, "really that bad" and "guess who ran off with the milkman?," the former is the stronger song by far. for fans who acquired we are the pipettes last year (by hook or by crook), your kisses doesn't offer all that much. the pipettes (and their boy toys, the cassettes) are touring in support of the ep, including an in-store at other music on june 5. we are the pipettes is set to drop stateside on august 28.

the pipettes - "really that bad" from your kisses are wasted on me ep. order more stuff from memphis industries.

i was looking through my cd collection and came upon the little bonus album yoshimi wins, a collection of live radio sessions the flaming lips recorded after yoshimi battles the pink robots was released. it's got the lips's regular cover of kylie minogue 's "can't get you out of my head" and radiohead's "knives out" (also on the fight test ep), but also some great gems. the aol session version of "yoshimi battles the pink robots pt. 1" is a great fresh take on the song, performed practically solo by wayne coyne, backed only by a piano. as the song grows, the lips add more layers, but it remains sparse, a great contrast to the lushness of the LP version. the other standout track is a cover of irving berlin's age-old classic, "white christmas," recorded at wxpn. all fuzzy and distant, like an old LP playing. coyne's voice is appropriately distorted and time is kept by sleigh bells ringing. this version is heavy on the strings, though they are subdued compared to coyne's nasal singing. other tracks, except for beck's "golden age," are all off of yoshimi battles, and are almost virtually unchanged from the studio versions. enjoy:

the flaming lips - "yoshimi battles the pink robots pt. 1" (aol session)

the flaming lips - "white christmas" (wxpn)

buy yoshimi wins here.

i'm gonna wrap this long post up with some talk about sufjan stevens, because he never goes out of fashion. two fine blogs reported this week that sounds familyre, daniel smith (a.k.a. danielson)'s home label, was re-releasing the undisputed best sufjan album, seven swans, on high grade 140g vinyl. i'd like to take a moment for self-aggrandizement and say i knew about this like a month and a half ago, and preordered the shit out of the reissue, and have been enjoying the sweet sounds of sufjan on wax for a bit now. the big thing about this release is that a bonus 7" is being bundled in with the album, which features two previously unreleased songs, "waste of what your kids won't have" and "i went dancing with my sister." both are great, spare sufjan songs, the kind that he should still be making, not this over-orchestrated stuff he's been passing off lately (yeah, i said it: illinoise sucked). i don't have one of those sweet devices that converts vinyl to digital, so all i have to offer is "waste of what your kids don't have," which also appeared on those other fine blogs this week (though no one else has picked up on this story yet). so, without further ado,

sufjan stevens - "waste of what your kids won't have" from seven swans, available here.

and, cuz i like you guys, here's another delicate sufjan song:

sufjan stevens - "we're going to the country" from songs for christmas. buy here.

in other sufjan news, he just performed a cover of the innocence mission's "the lakes of canada" on la blogotheque's take away show. see the full report here, along with a sweet my brightest diamond video. you can download all three videos on the lefthand side of the page. more last minute news: i just saw that danielson is opening for animal collective this friday at their free south street seaport show. get out there.

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