Thursday, May 17, 2007

amy winehouse gets rehabilitated

everybody loves amy winehouse, and mr. mammoth is no exception. not enough to pay $250 for a ticket to see her in new york, but certainly enough to post five bang-up remixes and re-interpretations of her two singles, "rehab" and "you know i'm no good." i think the skeewiff and desert eagle discs remixes are by far the best, but the ghostface version is solid as well. the hot chip one doesn't really appeal to me, and i'm only including the jay-z/monch rendition for completeness.

hot chip - "rehab"

ghostface killah - "you know i'm no good"

jay-z and pharoahe monch - "rehab"

skeewiff - "you know i'm no good"

desert eagle discs - "rehab"

photo by carrie musgrave. see more of her amy photos here and other work here.

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