Tuesday, June 26, 2007

body english

that phrase came into my head a few minutes ago, and i suddenly realized it would've been a much funner name for a blog than "mr. mammoth." regardless, here we are.

'ello 'ello etc., i'm back from three weeks in canada, where the women are strong, the men are sorta attractive, and the children all seem to be missing (seriously, i feel like i didn't see one kid the whole time). but we're not here to talk about me, we're here to talk about things i like (and dislike, which is more often the case). let me give you the lowdown on this situation here. i own an ipod shuffle. it is cute, clips to the bottom of my shirt, and leaves me free to experience music without the damn ipod interface. however, because it doesn't plug into the wall, it is hard to charge it when you're, say, in canada. however, i managed, and listened to the same 13 albums or so over and over until i rediscovered things i had loved about old releases (case in point: i listened to give up 6 times in 2 days) and find new albums that viscerally excited me. most of these albums will be posted on when i get around to it, and there are more than a handful here, but these three weeks of sloth has made it very hard for me to want to wake up, put my blogging hat on, and mercilessly wade through piles of irrelevant, unimportant, and generally boring music news to bring you what you value most: my opinion. i will get back into the swing of things, never fear, and this WONDERFUL piece of news has kick-started me.

when we were in canada, we had the most unfortunate luck. we missed every awesome concert by one day. menomena played the day before we came, matt and kim the day after (as well as CSS, but i wouldn't've seen them without bonde do role, who had some sickness problems), we missed frog eyes and immaculate machine twice...it hurt. so, i'm practically jumping out of my skin with pleasure that a new free music festival has been announced in new york: CITYSOL. now, as i don't pay my own electric bills (yet), i can't switch to green energy, but you all should. barring that, the $1 off brooklyn beer with your own mug sounds good, as does the lineup. menomena! land of talk! o'death (who i'm missing at the spiegeltent in august)! and, drumroll please, les savy fav! this lineup kicks siren's ass, thank you very much, and you will see me there on july 13 and 14. and brooklyn vegan is co-hosting or something like that, and this sounds awesome. by the way, menomena's friend and foe was one of the canada albums that i need to go out and buy so i can not be hypocritical when i tell you that it's worth spending money on, once i get around to it.

have a great day.

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