Friday, November 23, 2007

awesome song day/late night! - "b + a"

awesome song day! is a spontaneous feature, when i am moved by a song's singular awesomeosity and feel the urge to share its awesomeness with all of you. the song below is awesome.

the beta band - "b + a"
buy the three eps at your friendly neighborhood record store.

out here on the east coast, we had a bitching thanksgiving - warm during the day, bitterly cold at night. we ate a lot, and ate well, and i find myself listening to the beta band, pre-bed. i've been finding solace in old music lately, and the three eps are an album i could listen to forever. the obvious album standout is "dry the rain," probably the best song the beta band ever wrote, but the three eps are considered the band's best release for a reason. the whole album is exploding with creativity and innovation, keeping it fresh every time you hear it. "b + a," the third track, is a progressive instrumental number defined by its swift internal changes. the beta band spend the first three minutes building "b + a"'s beat, bringing the tension to a climax and backing down, before finally, satisfyingly launching blissfully into the heavy bridge. then they switch back again. it's simple yet absolutely captivating. and totally awesome.

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