Sunday, April 15, 2007

she's feisty, she gets around

since feist has been on everyone's lips this week, i thought i might as well toss my two cents in as well (she's fucking awesome). pitchfork posted her new video "1 2 3 4" earlier this week, and it's absolutely gorgeous, lots of bright colors and dancing, but i still prefer "my moon my man," the reminder's first single. arts & crafts is playing the reminder close to the vest, as only three songs have been leaked from the album (due to arrive on may 1 in the u.s. and canada).

i might've missed the press on the video for "my moon my man," (though i didnt see any) so i'm posting it here to compensate. shot in color, "my moon my man" is a black-and-white airport fantasy, sharing the same dreaminess and synchronized dancing that all feist videos have. the lighting in this video is beautiful, as abrupt and stark as moonlight itself, perfectly complementing the stylized choreography. my favorite part is in the middle, when the lights cycle on and off, illuminating feist and her dancing cast as statues for split seconds. my sister called feist "a biter" for using a moving sidewalk, apparently ripping off ok go's "here it goes again," but the differences are too great to be trivialized by this similarity. also, "my moon my man" is way sexier.

i also want to post a remix off the my moon my man single of that same song, performed by boys noise. feist is fond of remixes, having released a whole album of them, and i'd be surprised if more didn't surface after the reminder drops. also included is "the water," a b-side (though it's on the album as well). for those of you keeping track at home, feist has also been releasing webipsodes via myspace, including one of "my moon my man," but it's not the official video. also, i didnt hear about these webisodes until i wrote this post, so someone dropped the ball with publicizing them. bastards.

"my moon my man (boys noise remix)"
"the water"

from the reminder, available april 23 worldwide, may 1 in the u.s. and canada. check itunes for preorder info.

THIS JUST IN (courtesy of the music slut): follow her link for pre-sale feist tix at nyc's town hall, june 11. username: feist, password: tickets. it's that easy.

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