Tuesday, April 10, 2007

welcome to mr. mammoth

mr. mammoth is a music blog that we've created to serve the needs of the people. they aren't served enough already by other blogs with clever animal imagery, you ask? no, we say.

mr. mammoth is our entry into the world of anonymous opinion-expressing, and we're quite excited about it. we're starting out as a concert review blog, sprinkled with exciting news tidbits (like the madvillain release date) when we get them. our tastes are diverse, but we're poor and picky, so sometimes we won't go to concerts for weeks. we spend our time in several places -- right now, we're in lewiston, maine because we're students here. we also live in nyc and d.c. and edinburgh, scotland. we're not trying to be exhaustive; we just want to share.

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