Saturday, September 29, 2007

kc rules tonight

so, tonight i'm off to see king creosote at queen's hall, which i'm totally psyched for. after his really nice set at connect, i've been eagerly waiting for this show, which should be especially good as it's his first proper scotland gig on this tour. i'm heading back to new york early on monday, and might not get around to doing another post this weekend, so i'll leave you with some old kenny anderson (a.k.a. king creosote) tracks, and one from his new album, bombshell.

when i get back home, expect a flood of concert reviews in addition to this one. at the very least, i'll be hitting up nina nastasia on wednesday at mercury lounge and subtle (who are opening for minus the bear) on friday at warsaw., both of whom i'm incredibly psyched for.

khartoum heroes - "cat-gut," from khartoum heroes
skoubhie dubh orchestra - "long pockets, short arms," from spike's 23 collection
king creosote - "nooks," from bombshell.

a great place to buy all three of these albums is at avalanche records, where king creosote is also playing instore today at 5.30. see you there.

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