Thursday, December 6, 2007

i swear this is the last caribou post of the year

it's been a very good year for caribou, especially on mr. mammoth, earning daniel snaith & co. the prestigious "most times written about by a blogging prehistoric mammal" award. most enviable. well, i'll break it to you now - andorra ain't ending up on my year end list. as you probably recall, i wasn't all that impressed with the album, but caribou's live show is something else. a couple months ago i told you about the pink room sessions, a full set caribou taped and put on their youtube page, and the audio has finally been ripped from it, and i've got it right here for you. caribou is still somehow touring (the guys are like a machine!), with their sights set on japan and australia for 2008. jesus, dan, i don't know how you do it.

the pink room session (originally recorded for youtube)
after hours
she's the one
melody day

download the show as a .zip here.

don't forget that you can buy andorra from merge.

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