Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the power of bass

i've been working hard lately, so i gave myself a day off today, to just hang around at home and catch up on some stuff (also, play some zelda). i got a kickass pair of new speakers recently, and in a sudden burst of inspiration, i decided to play with the equalizer on my media player. well, one thing led to another (yeasayer now has their own preset), but i have musical a.d.d., so i skipped around a bit, before coming to rest on sarah assbring, a.k.a. el perro del mar.

i've been an el perro del mar fan for a while now - her voice and the album's production are simply amazing - though when "candy" boomed out with my new presetting ability, it felt fuller than ever before, the wall of sound tangible. it was super cool. so, what i'm saying is, get a good pair of speakers.

the end.


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