Sunday, December 16, 2007

mr. mammoth is dressed for the winter in his stylish mittens, scarf, and hat

well, what with the onset of winter here in new york city, mr. mammoth felt it was time to break out the cold-weather clothes and share some good cold music with you all. this sorta kicked off my winter music phase, but you know how generous mr. mammoth gets when he gets a makeover, and we thought we'd do it up right over here. enjoy!

belle & sebastian - "winter wooskie" from legal man. buy it from matador.
guillemots - "a samba in the snowy rain" from through the windowpane.
the microphones - "i want to be cold" from the glow pt. 2. buy it from k records.
yeasayer - "wait for the wintertime" from all hour cymbals. buy it from we are free.

(also, stay tuned for the yeasayer show review, coming later today!)

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