Monday, August 20, 2007

best concert of the year (projected):

final fantasy and cadence weapon at bowery ballroom on november 11.

i've never had the opportunity to see either one, and seeing them together - it boggles the mind. what makes this SO very exciting is their collaboration on CBC earlier this year, each playing three songs. i would be VERY surprised if we don't get some crossover action at this show, and you best recognize that doing anything else on that night is pure folly. unfortunately, the bowery presents has sold out to the devil, so you'll have to pay fees for corporate bitches, unless you can get down to mercury lounge.

final fantasy - "the lamb sells condos" buy he poos clouds here.
cadence weapon - "black hand" buy breaking kayfabe here.
final fantasy & cadence weapon - "this is the dream of win and regine" (live on CBC)

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David said...

Both great artists :D I have "He Poos Clouds" And "Breaking Kayfabe" but this collaboration is amazing to say the least! Thanks for the link!