Saturday, August 4, 2007

caribou - melody day

this video has been making the rounds, but i like it so much, i want to post it here. "melody day" is the first single from caribou's upcoming album andorra, to be released on the 21st of this month, and the video was filmed on the beautiful beaches of sweden (who knew sweden had beaches?), right outside ingmar bergman's backyard. "melody day" is the first live-action caribou video i've seen, and it's fucking amazing. before andorra comes out, i want to do a caribou/manitoba retrospective, with particular emphasis on the marino dvd and ep, as they are so frequently overlooked. personally, i don't think snaith can ever top up in flames, and i blame "handsome" dickweed manitoba for killing the beauty that was manitoba, that shithead (manitoba isn't even his real last name!).

in any event, here's "melody day" for download and the video. the song is good but not great, but the video is goddamn superb. i'm really psyched for his show next month.

caribou - "melody day." pre-order andorra here.

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