Saturday, August 4, 2007

what i'm up to

hey guys -

i owe you an apology for not explaining myself completely - i've had a busy week and no reliable internet access (i'm in a bar right now), which has made it rather difficult to write, and even harder to post. i'm due to get internet in a week or so, but this bar is actually at my place of employment, so i'll be able to update the ole mammoth more regularly. i'm currently at the edinburgh fringe festival, a massively huge international dance/theater/comedy/music festival, so i won't be in new york for any shows until october (missing the iron & wine show by one fucking night!). that being said, i'm trying to make it to as many shows as possible while i'm here, but no guarantees. i'm keeping my eye on the calendar, so there might be more upcoming shows than planned (i just noticed dj a-trak is spinning the kanye afterparty - definitely going if i get a chance). anyway, stay tuned.

if you happen to be in edinburgh, here's a quick list of what i've seen so far with * recommendations:
little howard and the magic pencil of life and death*
the book club*
russell kane 1/2*
talk of the fest with paul provenza (different guests every night, but it kinda sucked last night).

i'm looking forward to songs about vaginas and trying to save up for fuerzabruta, which looks awesome.

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