Sunday, August 19, 2007

playing catch up

i decided to take a week to relax, for no other reason than i was tired (and writing a long-ass article for the wonder boy review), which is why my posting has been rather lethargic. here's what you might have missed this week:

1. nyc-ers: we're probably gonna lose mccarren pool as the site of some of the summer's best and freest shows. mayor bloomberg wants to make mccarren park pool a year-round recreation center with a full-time pool...but where else can 4000 people see YACHT? (where else would 4000 people want to see YACHT?) i'm really sad...i've seen some really quality shows there (both free and for ca$h money), and it's one of the best large spaces in new york (god knows summerstage doesn't cut it). if you feel sore about it, as i do, try filling out NYC Parks & Recreation's survey here, and maybe we can have a polyphonic spree/patrick wolf show next summer.

2. i found out about aol's spinner earlier this week, and have spent all the wireless time i can steal downloading shows, like this week's performance by art brut. eddie and co. burn through an alternate version of "pump up the volume," "post soothing out," "direct hit," and their classic "good weekend." you definitely get the sense that art brut don't work as well without an audience to feed off of, but, if you've been paying attention, that's old news.

3. dead flowers has a fucking sick dj shadow set from 1997. the sound quality is excellent, as is the set itself.

4. this is definitely old news, but def jux offered another aesop rock track from his upcoming none shall pass, which features john darnielle, among others. dropping august 28, none shall pass is a-rock's third full length, and "citronella," the new track is produced by rock, a murky mess of thick bass and horns and the command to "kill your television." he plays irving plaza on september 9.

aesop rock - "citronella"

5. i've got another feature in the works. titled "the regret files," it will be profiling bands that aren't around any more that i wish were. the first story is on out hud, and i hope to publish it tomorrow or tuesday.

6. i'm seeing slint tomorrow night!

7. i had a dream about o'death last night. odd...


Mike said...

Thanks for the link.

Hunter Wry said...

I also only found out about Spinner this week-- it's a great music source.