Friday, July 20, 2007

apparently, tis the season to say goodbye

first shameless complacency, now salon: audiofile. what a fucking bummer. salon and emusic are like the only two places on the 'net i get legitimate free music, and now my legal selection is cut in half. salon: you break my heart. audiofile was great for artists i hadn't heard of, and new songs from those that i had (like the final fantasy version of "your ex-lover is dead"). audiofile has been up for two and a half years, but i only discovered it a few months ago - still, losing it kills me. at least the archive of songs is staying up, but the end of audiofile is a serious loss to the independent music community. we all should mourn its passing.

final fantasy - "your ex-lover is dead" from stars' do you trust your friends? available here.

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