Tuesday, July 17, 2007

latitude festival pregame

hello mammoth fans! tearknee here, just returned from a glorious field in suffolk (england), slightly sunburnt and in need of a shower. have just finished a weekend (and a bit) of musical hedonism at latitude festival and will now be contributing for the first time to this fine fine blog...

dubbed by the british press and comedians as the "pretentious" festival, latitude was indeed full of those eating humous and chomping on organic fruit, whilst watching poetry, shakespeare, literature, comedy, cabaret, film, and a brilliant line up of some of the best music of the year. however, as one slam poet majestically and hilariously put it...it is great to not be ashamed to 'embrace the wank' and celebrate intellectual masturbation on many levels.

each and every single one of the hundreds and hundreds of artists over the weekend were edgy (with the exception of jarvis cocker - eurgh), although often a little strange (e.g. an interpretive dance of h.g. wells' war of the worlds - enacted by a frolicking lady dressed in white with a big hat). pretention aside, the festival had a really relaxed feel with a hugely varied audience and has been described as "everything glastonbury once was." so without further ado, let me thank mr. mammoth for letting me unashamedly revel in the brilliance of this weekend by re-living it in detail over the blogosphere....

some multicolored sheep!
this is the obelisk arena, a.k.a. the main stage this is my tent!
this is the sunrise arena, where i saw final fantasy!

over the next few days, i'd like to post on the many unknown (to me) bands that surprised me, bands i know and love that thrilled me and bands that disappointed me a wee bit. so stay tuned for my reports over the coming week!

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fiona said...

hi! just found this blog because you're linking to one of my FF videos from Latitude. Were you camped in Yellow C? Looks like my Cornwall flag behind your tent!