Sunday, July 1, 2007

i feel like a curmudgeon today; damn the subway

because of stupid stupid subway delays, i only saw two malajube songs at celebrate brooklyn yesterday, so im unhappy about that. but to be fair, who actually starts concerts at the time listed? im grumpy about that. but here are some pretty pictures:

malajube rocked way harder than i was expecting, and both the songs were new and awesome. they're playing tonight at maxwell's, which i'd normally go to, except for the fact that i'm seeing polyphonic spree after the man man show this afternoon. too much good music. for more new malajube, check out their daytrotter session.

while i was despairing about missing so much of the malajube show, some music truths became self-evident to me, and i'd like to share them with you:
1. sigur ros will never put out a bad album.
2. your old favorite band's new album will never be as good as your old favorite's band old album.
3. one out of every six british bands has an original sound.
4. why can't anyone be honest about how disappointing the reminder was?

i'm just feeling a little lost in the blogosphere, with such a lack of serious criticism - i feel like everything i read is just about the new "big" thing, be it pissed jeans or s-s-s-spectres or whatever, and not really considering the fact that the fragile army doesn't make you want to praise the sun or fill you with the same exultation in being alive as the beginning stages of... or together we're heavy, which is, for me, the best thing about the spree. i can't listen to music dispassionately, it's all about how it makes me feel. and it doesn't make me feel as good. but this isn't just about the polyphonic spree, or how pitchfork can't say a bad word about anything anymore, i just wish every new band wasn't greeted as amazing and wonderful, because a lot of them aren't. i liked the blow a hell of a lot more than i like YACHT, but he's new news, and they're old news, so who cares? i'm just feeling a little bummed today. i hope man man rocks. check back for updates on that tomorrow.

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