Friday, July 13, 2007

i'm on the hype machine!

this week has been very exciting for me, blogwise. three massively awesome things happened: firstly, i got this nifty new map widget on the sidebar, and i have visitors who live in places where i don't know anyone! visitors, please consider yourselves my friends, and come and enjoy mr. mammoth whenever you'd like. to the person in what looks like holland, thank you. secondly, i got contacted by a promotions company, offering me free music! so fuck yeah! because, here at mr. mammoth, there is nothing better than free music (stay tuned for the report on the menomena show). thirdly, i got listed on the hype machine! true, they only have two tracks, from 9 days ago, but i have faith they will catch up and show all my mp3s soon., why haven't you listed me yet?

i just wanted to share these exciting pieces of news with you. thanks everyone.

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