Monday, July 16, 2007

npr for the streets

one thing i didn't do last week - which upsets me every time i think about it - is miss diplo at the apple store. even until recently, i knew of diplo more by reputation than by his music - things like his production of m.i.a.'s first album or discovery of bonde do role - but any regular reader of mr. mammoth will know that to pass on free music fills me with shame and sadness. these feelings have only been exacerbated since i found out about the mad decent podcast, which i havent been able to stop listening to. this monthly podcast is made up mostly of just live diplo mixes, though he occasionally hands the decks to mad decent signees and other guests. while this month's 'cast hasn't come out yet, june's was from tel aviv, and is ridiculous, clocking in at just over 30 minutes. my favorite one so far is february's mix, from darwin, australia, which is nearly an hour long, and jam packed with the illest beats and samples, including balkan beat box, bonde do role, and smashing pumpkins (how's that for a curveball?) anyway, you're only fucking yourself if you don't check this out.

mad decent. diplo.

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