Friday, July 20, 2007

iron & wine at pitchfork

you are all no doubt smothered by the absurd (unjustified?) level of press about the pitchfork festival, so i'll be brief. iron & wine played a set. he covered "no surprises" by radiohead. he played a lot of new songs from the shepherd's dog, coming september 25 on sub pop. josh at blogs are for dogs has posted a .zip of the whole set. so stroll on over and check it out. but be warned when he says the audio quality isn't very good - it's not. but if you're frantic to hear some tracks from the shepherd's dog (and who isn't?), it might be your best shot to do so (legally - the shepherd's dog has already leaked to the torrent sites).

further thoughts: "boy with a coin" is intoxicating. i listened to it six times in a row while writing this point, and i want more.

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