Friday, October 19, 2007

art brut on live week!

yeah, i decided to ignore your requests, because i found this black session deep in the mammoth vault, and i know there's nothing those kids go crazy for like art brut. by the end of this year, the english quintet will have played (by my count) over six shows in nyc over the past year - an incredible statistic. though it's a bit complicated was met with rather less excitement than bang bang rock & roll, there's one thing about art brut that hasn't - their awesome live show. for their black session recorded back in june, right before it's a bit complicated came out, art brut pulled out all the stops. during "good weekend," art brut's classic set ender, there are three beeps in the recording, a sign that art brut had played over the hour accorded to them. they tore through an exciting number of old songs - more, in fact, than they had played earlier in the year! the show quality is good and art brut's energy is high, and who could ask for anything more?

art brut - black session @ maison de la radio, 6/25/07
intro by dj
pump up the volume
bad weekend
bang bang rock & roll
modern art
st. pauli
rusted guns of milan
late sunday
18,000 lira
i will survive
moving to l.a.
jealous guy
my little brother
post soothing out
emily kane
nag nag nag nag
direct hit
good weekend

download the entire broadcast here.

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