Thursday, October 18, 2007

two for the price of free at live week!

the fratellis are an awesome band, even if they've been ruined for most of the world because of that damn itunes commercial. tearknee, mr. mammoth's roving scottish reporter, clued me into the fratellis' brilliance early in the year, long before said commercial and pitchfork's disappointing review, which effectively poisoned the fratellis' chance of indie success. looks like no one told their fans that. the fratellis played a show at roseland ballroom (one of nyc's largest venues) a couple months ago, and sold out back-to-back night at s.e.c.c. (scotland's largest venue) in a heartbeat. hailing from glasgow, that veritable spawning pool of talent, the fratellis play awesome pop rock with pronounced riffage and danceability. their debut, costello music, is fourteen tracks of nonstop smiles, and, if anything, the black session they played at maison de la radio in paris, is more energetic than the album itself. the recording isn't perfect - there are occasional scratches and pops, and the dj interjects in french between every song - but the songs are awesome. these guys have gotten a bum rap, as far as i'm concerned, and you owe yourself a listen, no matter what pitchfork says.

the fratellis - black session @ maison de la radio, 1/31/07
everybody knows you cried last night
vince the lovable stoner
creepin up the backstairs
ole black 'n' blue eyes
baby fratelli
whistle for the choir
chelsea dagger
got ma nuts from a hippy

download the whole broadcast here.

i also wanted to give away a live radio mix by kid koala. longtime mammoth readers will remember my double dose of kid koala back in the spring, and my guarantee that he is one of the best dj's around. none of that has changed. he's still working on his new project, having returned from his european tour safe and sound, but there's no release date as of yet. this is a 23-minute mix that kid koala recorded live on bbc breezeblock in 1997. this is a frequently traded and torrented bootleg, so not the rarest thing around, but, unless you're a hardcore koala fan, you might not have heard it yet. it's FANTASTIC. it's one of koala's first live recordings available, coming just a year after the overwhelmingly underground scratchcratchratchactch, the production of which was limited to 500 cassettes. already, however, the styles that make kid koala distinctive are present, and some of the samples he uses here are still in his set.

kid koala - live on bbc breezeblock

i need some input on what i should post tomorrow...too many shows, so little time. since cmj runs until saturday, live week will as well, but from this point on, it's up to you guys. here are some of the shows i have left:
radiohead - 7/7/01, headington, uk (only gig in uk on amnesiac tour)
radiohead - kid a bbc session
feist - black session
four tet - live 2006
cold war kids - live in paris
iron & wine - morning becomes eclectic
tortoise - live 2003
the polyphonic spree - morning becomes eclectic

leave your vote in the comments. if no one replies, then it's up to me.


David said...

Jeff's show would be awesome man

Still loving the blog man, great stuff!


bentrup said...

cheers davie. unfortunately, i just learned that the magnum show has been released as an album, so i can't post it. any of the others are available, though.