Wednesday, October 17, 2007

elliott smith rocks live week!

the man may have passed (rest in peace), but the tunes remain. this is a rare full set gem from smith's 2000 sxsw performance at la zona rosa. the show is over an hour long, leading me to conclude that smith headlined the show, which came less a month before figure 8, smith's last album, was released. the 19-song set is drawn mostly from figure 8, although there are some older songs in the mix as well, including the ever-popular "between the bars." the dialogue is spare and reserved, smith's comments mostly about how all the songs are new. though recorded before his well-publicized spiral into heroin addiction and death, this show finds smith playing well.

elliott smith would be 38 this year.

again, if anyone would prefer this show in .flac, please contact me privately.

elliott smith @ la zona rosa (sxsw), 3/17/00
son of sam
junk bond trader
pretty mark k
everything means nothing to me
stupidity tries
in the lost and found (honky bach)
still here
cupid's trick
wouldn't mama be proud
color bars
can't make a sound
between the bars
easy way out
ballad of big nothing
independence day
waltz # 1

it's great that so many of you are downloading these shows! i'm glad you enjoy them. however, it's put a rather large (and, honestly, unexpected) strain on my free file server, and i don't have enough bandwidth to offer individual mp3s anymore. however, you can download this show here. the rest of the week's shows will also only be available as .zip files. sorry for any inconvenience.

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