Saturday, October 20, 2007

radiohead on live week (from 2001!)

well, this might be a little late, but i hope it catches the radiohead boat. this show is from 2001 and is in headington, egland, the only uk stop on radiohead's amnesiac tour. as thom yorke cracks, "no pressure though." this is a radio rip (xfm broadcast the show), and the sound is really quite good, though there is a lot of crowd noise. the end of "dollars and cents" is also cut. regardless, an excellent show from one of the world's best bands.

radiohead @ south park, headington, england (thom yorke's hometown), 7/7/01
the national anthem
morning bell
packt like sardines in a crushd tin box
my iron lung
exit music (for a film)
knives out
no surprises
dollars & cents [cuts out before end]
street spirit (fade out)
i might be wrong
pyramid song
paranoid android
disc one

everything in its right place
fake plastic trees
karma police
you and whose army?
how to disappear completely
talk show host
the bends
motion picture soundtrack (bugger!)
disc two

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