Tuesday, October 16, 2007

mr. mammoth's free guide to a nearly free cmj - day one!

this day is rather low-key, what with it being the beginning and all. most of the serious bands won't have arrived yet, but things are off to a good start around 6 pm. that's when amorphous d.c. experimento-rockers le loup take the stage at soundfix records, 110 bedford ave. in williamsburg. then you gotta hop back on the L, transfer to the F/V at 6th ave and take it to 4th street to see st. vincent at other music at 8 pm. other music is located at 15 east 4th street. you can also get there by taking the L to union square and transferring to the 6, getting off as astor place. from other music, it's just a short walk to the lion's den, where OM records is having their early showcase, featuring zion i and the grouch. from other music, simply walk west to sullivan street, and a block and a half down. if you hit bleecker, you've gone too far. the OM showcase is free with an rsvp at going.com. that starts at 10 pm. if OM ain't your thing, james murphy (of lcd soundsystem) and dj annie mac (of radio 1) are spinning at the hiro ballroom come 10.30 pm, located at 363 west 16th street. if you're in the mood for a walk, you can stroll up to 16th street and over to 8th (hiro is between 8th and 9th avenues); otherwise, hop on the A, C, or E at west 4th and take it one stop to 14th and 8th, then walk two blocks up and one over. this show is free with a going.com rsvp before midnight, including a bass ale open bar from 10.30 -11.30 pm. after midnight, the show is $5.

so here's the schedule:
6 pm - le loup @ soundfix
8 pm - st. vincent @ other music
10 pm - OM showcase @ the lion's den
10.30 pm (doors) - james murphy @ hiro

total cost: free, or $5 if you arrive at hiro after midnight

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