Monday, October 15, 2007

mr. mammoth's free guide to avoiding cmj and seeing tons of nearly free music

cmj: who needs it? all it means is that a million billion people with these fancy badges will be strutting their thing on the streets of new york, flashing their pass and getting into any show they want. bastards. but it's okay - i'm really not bitter, because i happen to think that the cmj lineup is mostly crap. don't care about m.i.a., band of horses are crap, don't like deerhunter. but what cmj is doing for me (and my fellow cheapskates), is creating a sub-culture of free shows that cop off cmj's popularity, of which there are, approximately, a whole fucking lot of every day. my goal for this week is too see as much as i can without paying more than $50 (not counting an unlimited metrocard), which shouldn't be a problem at all. using the handy show calendar to your right and a walking map of new york (and brooklyn), you should be able to see at least 3 shows a day. obviously, mr. mammoth is interested in some bands more than others (o'death, cadence weapon, the brunettes), partially cuz they rock!, but also because they are among the bands that are going full fucking throttle, and playing at least 6 times over the week, often for free/cheap. cmj proper starts tomorrow, but that isn't stopping o'death, who kick the week off in style tonight at death by audio. keep checking mr. mammoth daily for a best way to see cmj fo' cheep, including directions from show to show.

tomorrow, let the games begin!

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