Monday, October 15, 2007

welcome to live week! starring built to spill!

to celebrate cmj, which i am mostly not attending since i didn't care to blow x-hundred dollars on a pass (more on this here), we here at mr. mammoth are bringing you a collection of great live recordings all this week. it's as simple as that. now, since i am either a) practical or b) a heathen, i've crossed the line that live show purists live by, and converted all the files to mp3, to make it easier to download. all week, we're gonna be running the gamut from live show to radio sessions (i suppose that's less of a gamut and more of just two options), so buckle your seatbelts and keep your ears peeled.

kicking things off in fine style are built to spill, a band that i can pretty much definitively say i've liked longer than any other band i still listen to (got it?). a friend gave me live way back in 2001, and they've never failed me. their live show is stupendous, an easy mix of serious guitar work and heartwarming vocals, and this show, recorded november 6, 1998, is no exception. touring between the release of perfect from now on and keep it like a secret, the show is just another built to spill show - played easily, without a hint of ego, dragging up old songs and making them sound like new. the sound quality is really good, even as mp3s, and the setlist is really impeccable, especially the cover of vince guaraldi trio's "linus and lucy" from a charlie brown christmas, "joyride," and "twin falls -> some." enjoy!

note: if you are a frustrated live music purist who wants this show in .flac or .wav, get in touch with me, and we can work something out.

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