Wednesday, October 17, 2007

mr. mammoth's free guide to a nearly free cmj - day two!

well, i hope you all had a lovely day yesterday, whether you saw le loup, st. vincent, the OM showcase and james murphy or not. today is a hectic mix of everything - it's got some of cmj's most hyped shows, some anti-cmj shows, and one show that probably couldn't care less about cmj. i'm going to kick the day off at cake shop, located at 152 ludlow street. starting at 1 pm, xl recordings is hosting a double bill of vampire weekend and jack penate. you can get to cake shop by taking the F/V to 2nd avenue or the F/J/M/Z to essex street. after that, you can walk up to houston and catch the M21 bus across to broadway and walk a block south and west to 103 prince street, where the apple store soho has a 2 pm performance by thurston moore. i'm only sticking around for 45 minutes though (don't know how long the show will last), because the brunettes go on at the delancey at 3 pm. now, it's not easy to get from 103 prince street to 168 delancey - it's a crosstown trip, so your best bet is to walk, briskly, or try and catch the M21 bus to essex or suffolk street and walk two blocks down to delancey street. then again, if you're walking up to houston, you might as well take the F train to essex street and walk to the delancey from there. or, you could go see o'death at the gothamist house at white rabbit at 145 houston. they also go on at 3 pm. i'm gonna see o'death later in the week, and i'd rather catch the brunettes. there are a lot of places you could go for the rest of the day - there are day parties everywhere, but i'm gonna take a break until 8 pm, when i'm heading back down to galapagos for an insound party featuring oh no! oh my!, holy fuck, and mr. mammoth fave cadence weapon. this is the only show that costs money; it's 5 bucks at the door. galapagos is located at 70 north 6th street in brooklyn, which you can walk to from the bedford avenue L stop, if you go west until wythe, go one block south, and continue west.

the highly touted options for this evening are deerhunter and dan deacon @ bowery ballroom, the walkmen and mates of state @ avalon, the after the jump showcase @ music hall of williamsburg, featuring yeasayers, cadence weapon, and a place to bury strangers. those all cost money though, and at least one is sold out.

so, today's free-or-cheap schedule looks like this:
1 pm - vampire weekend @ cake shop
2 pm - thurston moore @ apple store soho
3 pm - the brunettes @ the delancey OR
3 pm - o'death @ the gothamist house

8 pm - insound party @ galapagos

total cost for wednesday, oct. 17? 5 dollars.

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